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Frye Veronica Slouch Boots



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Get cozy with style, Frye veronica slouch offers just that with its sexy design and excellent quality. It is a brand offering hundreds of styles for both men and women at any given time. But a few of their boots have gained extensive publicity among customers and it is one of them. This is definitely a tall boot with shaft height of thirteen and a half inch but still its lightweight when compared to its size, it weighs one pound and 5 ounces when taken size 6.5. Its heel is one and a quarter inch high with a grippy rubber sole enabling it to walk to slippery surfaces comfortably. To maximize the confortability, it features personalized strap with buckle for perfect fit. Upper is available in variety of colors and features genuine leather. You may find these boots to be a little expensive, but in reality you get what you pay for. You can purchase many styles from competitor brands for much lower price, but in doing so you will definitely comprise the comfort and quality. Frye is one of the oldest brand in operation since 1863 and opened its first official outlet in England. Their boots were worn by soldiers in wars in that era. Since then they are the market leader in footwear, so make a right decision and get it today:


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Beth S from Outside of Buffalo, NY

Warm and Comfy - What I REALLY wanted was a pair of sexy, high-heeled black leather boots that would look awesome as well as be safe walking on ice and snow, would feel warm and comfortable, and that I could wear with pants or skirts to work (I teach 2nd grade.) Oh well no such thing. So, the heck with looking "hot." These fit and feel great and will keep me warm, safe, and dry. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I think they look ugly the leather is a nice touch, they're just not sleek and sexy. I do like that I can wear them with pants without even wearing socks. They're that warm. I'll also mention that I have another pair of Frye, I guess they're the basic boots, but they don't have much traction and when I wore them to walk the dog in the snow last winter, I slid all over the sidewalk. That was scary. I like that these have a much sturdier sole.

Olga from Brooklyn, NY

I love this boot. I was not into the idea of them. But I've been converted!!! Now that it's getting cold and rainy, I've been looking for the perfect boot for my early morning dog walks in the park and running errands. The park is always dewy and soggy and these boots have been fairly water resistant. My old boots would be soaked by the end of the walk. I throw them on barefoot so they are quick and easy. I love the comfy, furry warm lining (keeps my feet warm) though initially it felt a little itchy (I'm super sensitive to itchiness but as I've worn them more, it's gone away). I read some other reviews about the inside of Veronica Slouch turning people's feet black but the fur around the feet is white so I've never had that problem. It's a perfect fit so long as I'm barefoot or wearing tights. I'd recommend the next size up if you want to wear socks. Well constructed and rugged. Best investment ever!

Frye Veronica Slouch Colors:

Black Calf Shine Vintage Black Pebbled Full Grain Suede Black Tumbled Full Grain Chocolate Pebbled Full Grain Suede

Chocolate Vintage Leather Slate Burnished Antiqued Leather Stone Color, Stone Wash Taupe Full Grain Leather

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